Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is? Sometimes, I get so immersed in learning the stories of successful people, I forget to think about my own story. Should I wake up at 5am every day? Should I follow the same daily schedule as Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos? What was this influencer’s branding strategy, and how can I copy it without being too obvious? What is the best way to succeed? 

It’s easy to get caught up in these kinds of questions, trying to crack the code to being a success. In truth, there is no magic formula. Too many people get so caught up in the “how”, they forget about their “why”. There are times when being the best is not the same as being successful. The best way to succeed is to stop overthinking, stop following the formulas, and stop worrying about your trajectory. The best way to succeed is to care.

Let me clarify what this means with a simple anecdotal example:

Caring Through Music

I play piano for the worship team at my church. I took lessons for a while growing up, but I never got to the point where I could sight-read (that is, put music in front of me and play it through on the first try). Instead, I prefer to use a chord chart, learn the melody by ear, and embellish how I see fit. This takes a little longer to learn, and usually results in a simplified version if I have limited time, but I think it’s more fun.

To make up for this simplified style of play, I use emotional dynamics. I’ll play loud on certain notes and quiet on others, or draw out certain notes to add a dramatic effect. It’s an emotional style of play that emphasizes the key notes of the song. It’s not hard to figure out. You’re really just feeling the emotion of the song and translating it to the keys. It’s remarkable how much better a song sounds when you implement this strategy. But really, all you’re doing is caring for the song.

The Secret Sauce

Get lost in the sauce

That’s how it is with our goals. I don’t need to be a great piano player to make a song sound good. In the same way, we don’t have to be great at what we do to succeed. Caring can go a long way, and people will take notice.

It doesn’t take a strict daily schedule to succeed. There is no magic formula leading you to the promised land. While some of these tips can certainly help, they are not a path to success by themselves.

I don’t care how many times you repeat a mantra, or how many days in a row you go without hitting snooze. If you don’t care, you won’t win.

In the world of instant cures and get-rich-quick schemes, the answer is very clear. The best way to succeed is to care.

Call to Action

What is one area you can find more success simply by caring more? Think about the things you are pursuing and how taking this mindset can give you a boost, then put it into action!

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